Lake Garda & its attractions

Adventure. Assortment. Attractions

The adventure and pleasure-packed region of Lake Garda is not like any other holiday destination, it combines its assorted attractions with an incomparable range of leisure activities and activities out in the natural surroundings.

Its unique location and Mediterranean climate, the azure blue Lake Garda, surrounded by the majestic mountain ranges and impressive mountain summits makes this natural gem a region of adventure which is beyond compare.

Whether on the water, on the land, by bike or on horseback, even just out in the fresh air – no matter what perspective you choose, you will experience the unforgettable around our hotel at Lake Garda.

For everyone who loves water - attractions in and at Lake Garda

Set sail and explore Lake Garda on a sailing boat or by catamaran. Perfect winds, the Vento and the Ora, have long made Lake Garda a paradise for windsurfers and kite-surfers.

Anyone who wants to immerse themselves in an enchanting, strange realm, is in the right spot here. A dive in Lake Garda is a wholly special experience, during which you will be amazed by the unique underwater realm, shimmering shoals of fish and mysterious underwater plant-life, as well as sunken ships.

Mountains, rock-faces, trails and fairways - Lake Garda & its attractions

Storm the unique summits, scale the inspirational steep rock faces and challenging Big Walls, hike through a realm of plants which is beyond compare or cycle in the midst of olive groves and romantic woodland landscapes during the impressive sunset.

Relax while putting on one of the many well-tended and very well set-up golf courses and look forward to enjoying the sun with your family – horse-riding, hiking, strolling in the little towns – and to enjoy an original Italian gelato.

Adventurers adore this exclusive region. A very special experience awaits extreme sports people and daredevil tandem paragliders. Setting out in the tracks of the eagle far above in the lofty heights and experiencing a breath-taking view, is one of the most inspiring attractions at Lake Garda.