Paragliding at Lake Garda

An adventure-packed region from above

Strong emotions from a breath-taking perspective – only paragliding high above Lake Garda offers this. Gaze in wonder at the natural gem in the north of Italy, from way up in the lofty heights – thrills and unforgettable impressions guaranteed.

The perfect thermals ensure excellent uplift and the variety-packed mountains of the Monte Baldo massif provide the optimum starting points for your altitude flight. The huge altitude difference at the landing site in Malcesine provides a paragliding experience which lasts that bit longer.

Whether paraglider or hang-glider – let yourself be carried off by the winds and immerse yourself in a unique realm of weightlessness.

Time for a change of perspective. Paragliding at Lake Garda

Buckles tightly fastened. One final look at the chute lying on the ground. Go! Experience that feeling of lift off. Discover flying. Feel freedom in its purest form.

On the north east banks of Lake Garda there are two cable cars which run from Malcesine and San Zeno to some excellent take-off areas. In the Arco region too there are numerous excellent take-off sites, all of which satisfy various difficulty levels.

For all those of you who don’t want to venture into the lofty heights alone, a few of the paragliding schools in the surrounding area offer exciting tandem flights, which means the non-extreme sports aficionados among you get to enjoy unforgettable adventures. If you look closely – provided the weather is clear –, you can let your gaze roam to the Venice lagoons.

You no longer have to dream of flying, you get to experience it - paragliding at Lake Garda.

We have drawn up a list of a few of the select paragliding schools for you:

  • Arco, Volo Libero Alto, Tel.: +39 0464 531080
  • Arco, Action & Adrenalin, Tel.: +39 0464 517491
  • Malcesine, Paragliding Club Malcesine, Tel.: +39 0335 67 64 675, E-mail: [email protected],