Hiking at Lake Garda

Mediterranean meets Alpine

Hiking around Lake Garda – a very special natural adventure, where mountain sport and relaxation strike up a wonderful adventurous composition in the midst of an incomparably natural backdrop. Numerous hiking trails start in the town of Castelletto di Brenzone just 500 metres away.

Be inspired by our hotel at Lake Garda to head out on pleasure hikes – extended tours lasting a few hours which take you to majestic summits, like the 2079 metre Monte Altissimo di Nago on the most northerly tip of Monte Baldo, relaxing short hikes, surrounded by olive groves and cypress trees, you get to enjoy a unique, dreamy view in comfort via one of the state-of-the-art cable cars – the opportunities are sheer unlimited.

Countless tours, which could barely be any more varied, cover the full range of difficulty levels. All have one thing in common - a superb, pleasant and beneficial climate, safe, excellently signposted hiking trails, cosy refreshment stop options in that usual welcoming ambience and views which you will never forget.

And the best thing – the majority of the starting points for your exclusive dream hikes are very close to our hotel at Lake Garda.

Hiking & Lake Garda. An inextricable guarantee of adventure

The garden of Italy, as it is known in many places, the gem among the mountains at Lake Garda, is without a doubt the Monte Baldo – at 30 kilometres in length and its summits, some of which are above 2000 metres, this mountain massif has for decades been a magnet for countless hiking enthusiasts from across the globe.

It is not just its dreamy location and the overwhelming viewing points high above Lake Garda which imparts the inexpressible charm to this king among mountains, nature lovers and botanists will come across rare plants on the Monte Baldo. Endemic plants, which occur nowhere else in the world, unique variety, mysterious rock formations, colours which cover every facet, aromatic alpine pastures, populated by fascinating flora and fauna – it’s all there to be enjoyed.

So, anyone who is planning a trip to this holiday paradise ought not to forget their hiking boots and rucksack – since hiking at Lake Garda and in the lovely mountains round about is one of the genuine highlights.