Surfing at Lake Garda

Experience legendary winds

Surfing at Lake Garda - surfers and windsurfers, beginners and pros, surfers and spectators, the reliability of the winds and the mild Mediterranean climate make Lake Garda a paradise for all surf enthusiasts – and in one of the best surfing stomping grounds in Europe.

At the northern tip in particular, where you get to explore the picturesque little town of Torbole, the conditions are perfect. The legendary Vento and Ora winds blow here, long known for being fabled. It is not for nothing that this little place is known as ‘jet’. Anyone who hoists their sails here can achieve speeds of up to 60 kilometres per hour.

However, the northern section of Lake Garda is not just a brilliant destination for adventurers, beginners and surfers too, who prefer to set sail in more comfortable winds, get to enjoy something fantastic here – Gardasurf school provides outstanding courses for those new to windsurfing and those who are at an advanced level as well as kite surfing courses and award-winning stand-up paddle tours.

Price lists can be found here. Information and details available in our hotel at Lake Garda, too, telephone +39 3383 388817.

A thousand and one surf spots. Surfing at Lake Garda

The Maroadi bay and Riva del Garda provide the perfect conditions for beginners - plenty of access points and pleasant wind conditions. Anyone is confident on their board and experienced with their sails should definitely venture to the Hotel Pier and from there to the famous-infamous Bay of Pigs, ‘Baia dei Porci’. The wind lets you glide at high speed across the crystal-clear waves of Italy’s biggest inland water-bodies.

Those who enjoy relaxation and who are looking for a bit of a change from the social goings-on of the surfers on the beaches, should sail on the shuttle boat to Isola dell 'Olivio before Malcesine – a picturesque town which even inspires fun board surfers! Everywhere in the Malcesine-Torbole region there is an attractive range of surfing schools and hire stations, while numerous access points have welcoming bars, showers, changing rooms and WCs which offer the highest level of comfort.

With the most popular surf spots you will get even more of an appetite for surfing on Lake Garda – one very special experience.