A holiday in Venezia

A star among cities

Venezia – the highlight of your holiday in our hotel at Lake Garda. The world-renowned lagoon city has long been regarded as the most precious gem in the north of Italy.

Picturesque, historic, elegant and stylish, no other town is as uniquely versatile as Venezia, which can be explored on foot and also on a dreamy gondola ride on one of the many canals.

The six sections of the town - San Polo, Santa Croce, Cannaregio, Castello, San Marco and Dorsoduro are all connected to one another via the many picturesque bridges, which have also given the town its name, the ‘town of a thousand bridges’. The myth-enshrouded magic of the dream destination of Venetia is hard to define – come and get a feeling for it yourself and be touched by the vibrant energy and ebullient creativity.

Numerous significant cultural and artistic trends have their origins in Venetia. World-renowned artists and writers, such as Titian, Giacomo Casanova, Claudio Monteverdi and Antonio Vivaldi, and key explorers, like Marco Polo, found inspiration in this metropolis and its distinctive charisma.

Discover this inspiring cultural paradise yourself, it is just a two hour drive from the Hotel Orione.

A romantic city of lagoons with its finger on the pulse – a holiday in Venezia

Architectural works of art, which have survived for centuries, a sheer limitless range of museums, galleries and cultural treasures, statues, piazza, churches and last but not least the town itself grab you in a very special way.

A visit to the Piazza San Marco is the stuff of legend, and was named the ‘Salon of Europe’ by Alfred de Musset. Very close by is the Dogen piazza and the Canal Grande also starts right at Bacino di San Marco.

Experience cinematic moments when you cross the world-renowned Rialto bridge or be taken through the streets by a traditional gondolier. Lavish boutiques in San Marco and Castello provide exclusive brands, dreamy cafés invite you to enjoy some sophistication, while Venezian cuisine inspires experienced gourmets.

Numerous events, exhibitions and art exhibits complete the wide and varied range on offer in Venezia – culminating in a firework of joie de vivre at the Venezia Carnival. You can already sense that your holiday in Venezia will be beyond compare.