A holiday at Trento

Discover the variety-packed capital of Trentino

A holiday at Trento. This unique Renaissance city gazes between the limestone mountains in the Adige Valley can proudly look back upon a glorious history. Almost every street of this unique cultural and university town recounts historic days and even away from the Old Town, there is exciting evidence of turbulent times.

Trento is a city for explorers. You can find out about the secrets of the superb Castello del Buonconsiglio, gaze in wonder at the treasures in the Historic Museum of Trento and at the Trentino Diocesan Museum and the Early Christian Basilica.

Those of you who have an interest in art will find precious creations from well-known artists in the City Gallery for Contemporary Art or in the Museum for modern and contemporary art in the impressive Palazzo delle Albere.

Two more interesting excursion destinations are the Modern Science Museum and the subterranean archaeological are of Sass. Anyone who lets the monumental Nature Park Doss Trento take effect on them, will find a piece of moving history in the historic Museum of Mountain Troops, which is one of a kind.

In contrast, breath-taking insights into the exciting realm of air travel await in the Aviation, Science and innovation museum Gianni Caproni Trento which has 17 historic aircraft.

A holiday in Trento – a town of many guises

As well as its Old Town character, Trento and its many splendid historic buildings, have another charming side - fashion. As a real shopping paradise the town is a top spot for fashionistas and fashion-conscious men.

The cuisine of the town always provides something new, sophisticated, yet still has an awareness of tradition. A highlight is autumn in Trento’s autumn – ‘Autunno Trentino’ –where the best of the ‘pleasure region’ can be sampled at the wonderfully managed markets. Events like the International film festival of the mountains End of April, the many fairs like the ‘San Giuseppe’ in spring and the ‘Santa Lucia’ in December, a variety of concerts, the ‘La città in Giardino’ event, entertaining theatre performances and much more characterise life in Trento.

You can get to the versatile town of Trento is just an hour’s drive and its exceptional offer – a must for your holiday at Trento in our hotel at Lake Garda.