Safari park: Parco Natura Viva

A lifelong dream comes true

Unforgettably impressive – your safari in the middle of Europe. Here at Lake Garda in the Safari park at Parco Natura Viva your dreams of a big adventure in the wilderness will be fulfilled.

You can also head out on an exciting voyage of discovery through an enchanting realm - Parco Natura Viva is home to over 700 different animals, featuring 180 different species. There is even a Dinosaur park featuring replicas of this primeval giants which are true to the original, and which are part of the many and varied repertoire of this contemporary zoological garden.

The highlight is without a doubt the safari park which was opened in 1973. In your own car, camper, hired convertible, bus or even on a double decker you can head out on the safari tour of your life. Tall giraffes, svelte antelopes and zebras, grazing leisurely, are there for you to watch. There are mighty lions, gracious cheetahs and hyenas here too.

Experience animals in the wild, up close – in the safari park at Lake Garda

Past the Kings of the Savannah, mighty hippos and rhinos, you meet cheeky lemurs and bold monkeys, as they swing acrobatically from branch to branch. Shy meerkats observe all the goings-on from a safe distance, while giant tortoises go calmly about their business.

Exotic and local birds too complete this scenic harmony with their touching song, providing a real safari feeling. Complete your expedition with a picnic together or dinner in the restaurant.

The safari park at Lake Garda is open from February until November, from 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. (last entry).

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