Parco delle Cascate

Molina’s waterfall park

Parco delle Cascate – also known as Molina’s waterfall park – spans a superb 80,000 m² in the mountains of Lessinia.

Impressive and wild and romantic, it is a refuge which is beyond compare. The landscape here is exciting and rich in diversity and has two completely different characteristic traits. Lush natural surroundings meet thundering waterfalls and rugged gorges which look all the more impressive on the adventurous bridges.

Various themed trails connect the exceptional park with its majestic waterfalls, presenting this natural treasure at its most splendid.

Lively and noisy. Parco delle Cascate

Countless rivers and streams meander like bountiful lifelines through this exceptional forest and meadow landscape. They have shaped the rocks and the land over millions of years and have given them a character which is beyond compare.

Home to mighty, seething waterfalls, babbling torrents, wild rock formations, blossoming summer meadows and wonderful scenery, Parco delle Cascate reveals nature in all its beauty.