Le Cascate Varone waterfall

An impressive natural spectacle at Lake Garda

The thundering Varone Waterfall plunges with unbelievable power near Riva a good 98 metres into a rocky gorge. Experience this powerful natural spectacle in the Grotta Cascata del Varone up close and discover the two different viewing platforms.

The first one, known as the ‘Lower Gorge’, provides the best view to the lower section of the waterfall, whereas the second, the ‘Upper Gorge’, 40 metres higher, reveals the impressive waterfall in all its splendour. Even at the start of the 20th century, this construction, designed by the famous architect Maroni, inspires admirers at the entrance to the exceptional cave realm.

Opened in 1874 the grotto has since then been an impressive visitor magnet and an absolute highlight at Lake Garda. Numerous eminent people, among them Emperor Franz Joseph, Gabriele D’Annunzio, Prince Umberto II, Franz Kafka and Thomas Mann, were inspired by this spectacular natural wonder.

Varone waterfall. Picture-book moments

The tremendous Varone waterfall is a geological rarity and in its form and development it is unique. It was thanks to the retraction of the glacier due to erosion and also the ripping torrents, which gradually ate away at the rock layers, that over thousands upon thousands of years this special natural monument formed. You too can experience this unbridled nature at its most powerful.

Opening hours for the Varone waterfall can be found here.