A resort of inspiration & Italy‘s biggest leisure park

When the gates of Gardaland open up, a journey into far-off lands begins. Live like an Egyptian in the valley of the Pharaohs, hike in the footsteps of the Corsairs in an Old English haven or reveal the secrets of Atlantis.

Experience breath-taking wild water activities around an active volcano and embark on a subterranean search for some big pirate treasure. The stuff of the most adventurous children’s imaginations becomes reality here. Mammoths are brought to life here, colourful merry-go-rounds tempt you to enjoy some adventure, roller coasters for the daredevils among you and attractions for all the family, breath-taking shows in the 4D cinema and much much more makes this resort spectacular.

Yet that is not enough, the ocean depths can also be explored here. A glass tunnel in the Sea Life Aquarium goes right into the realm of sharks and rays.

Adrenaline. Adventure. Fantasy - Gardaland

Highspeed roller coasters such as the Raptor and the Blue Tornado have made the Gardaland experience legendary. Since the 1970s this fairy-tale resort has been regarded as the ‘Disneyland of Italy’ and has always had a magical grip on young and old alike.

As the biggest and most famous leisure park in Italy it is an unparalleled paradise which takes visitors’ breath away with scintillating shows and superb entertainment, with thrills and magical moments.

Space Vertigo, a 40 metre free-fall tower and the exciting Colorado Boat wild water run. Futuristic laser shows and an acrobatic circus performance in the style of the cult film ‘Madagascar’ provide top-notch entertainment, before the inspirational light spectacular of the summer torch lit processions or the fantastic giant fireworks display which takes place weekly provide enchantment in night-time Gardaland.

Opening hours for Gardaland can be found here.