Breath-taking moments of adventure in Europe’s biggest Aquapark

Canevaworld combines a tropical feeling, white sandy beaches, picturesque islands, mysterious pirate ships, enchanted mines and a dangerous volcano with the most versatile of all the elements - water.

Slides up to 30 metres high, tyre slides and exciting cave trains and their light effects, large swimming pools, an adventurous pirate water realm and fierce wave pools are just a few of the many and diverse attractions in the biggest Aquapark in Europe.

Those of you who are looking for relaxation will find relaxing areas and a hydro-massage pool to unwind in beneath the Italian sun. Film fans too will be inspired. Right next to the water park the Movieland Studios pleasure park provides the attractive force of big cinema. Stunt shows, a free-fall tower and a fascinating peek behind the scenes of the films ‘Police Academy’ and ‘The Illusionist’, a Rambo stunt show, a Lara Croft Tomb Raider Machine, a U-571 simulator, a Terminator 5D experience and an animation film area for fids makes this an unforgettable experience for all the family.

Canevaworld water and leisure park is situated between the towns of Lazise and Peschiera del Garda, right on the south-eastern banks of the lake and just 30 kilometres from our hotel at Lake Garda.

A very special kind of refreshment - Canevaworld Aquapark

The tropical adventure paradise Canevaworld is an adventure playground which provides a refreshment hit.

On the Adventure Island you get to slide on the breath-taking Volcano runs. Stukas BOOM is the most impressive of all the slides in the park. On around 100 metres you get to experience the feeling of free falling and hurtling speed. In the enchanted Mini Black mine you get to venture on the first water slide into complete darkness, into the Black Hole, or would you prefer to venture into the mysterious ghost tunnel? The Crazy River, Mini Black, Sharks Bay, Coral Bay, Typhoon, Twin Peaks, Anaconda, Trisplash and many more adventures are there waiting to be discovered.

Infants get to immerse themselves in the myth-enshrouded realm of pirates too, in the Pirates Lagoon your little ones get to enjoy a variety-packed activity programme with an exciting pirate hunt, while you get to relax in the lagoons or at the Blue Lake, or sample the wide and varied cuisine on offer in the idyllic fishing village in the many different family restaurants.

Opening hours for the unique Canevaworld can be found here.