A holiday at Brescia

A unique city. UNESCO World Heritage Site. Picturesque metropolis

Multicultural, adventure-packed and versatile – that’s your holiday in Brescia. In this vibrant town the contemporary meets proud tradition, the big city feeling meets old town style, providing impressive cultural offers and places which are worth seeing. Yet the second biggest town in Lombardy has even more to offer - fashion, shopping and cultural highlights as well as numerous sports events, high level theatre and concert presentations, interesting exhibitions, historic costume processions and authentic street festivals, variety-packed markets which have innumerable regional delights as well as delicious gastronomic and folkloristic highlights.

Brescia has a very special recipe to offer gourmets - the speciality ‘Casonsei’ – a regional variation on the Italian ravioli has a particularly substantial filling.

Quite a number of impressive monuments from a wide variety of eras, beginning with ancient times to medieval times and the Renaissance period, through to the Baroque, have been excellently maintained and enhance the city.

Particularly worth seeing is the archaeological section of the Forum Romanum and the monastic complex of San Salvatore-Santa Giulia, which in 2011 was listed among UNESCO World Heritage Sites, under the title “The Langobards in Italy, places of power (568 to 774 A.D.)”.

A holiday in Brescia. A special excursion destination

Brescia can be explored quite comfortably on two wheels. For a deposit, bicycles can be hired at many central points and can be brought back again after you have finished exploring. You can get to all the highlights of the town by bike, including those of cultural interest and those which feature art. Brescia Castle on Cidnea Hill and its many museums await, the famous Kino Cinema Nuovo Eden and the urban Pinakothek Tosio Martinengo in Palast Martinengo da Barco on Piazza Moretto, home to an unbelievable number of well-known and valuable paintings.

The archaeological area of Capitolium, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, provides exciting insights into a time long past. The cathedral square with its masterful buildings, the lively Piazza della Loggia and the charming church complex Santa Maria della Carità still characterise the townscape today.

Treat yourself to a trip to the town of Brescia, which is just a 1 ½ hour drive away, during your holiday in our hotel at Lake Garda.