André Heller Gardens

A little piece of paradise

The André Heller Gardens Grace, energy and inspiration. A sensory refuge and at the same time a sought-after magnet, drawing in visitors from all over the world.

The Giardino Botanico or Giardino Hruska, as the locals call it, brings together the two towns of Gardone Sotto and Gardone Sopra in the township of Gardone Riviera, located right at Lake Garda and has its very own idiosyncratic magic. Set between gently rolling hills, there is a unique Mediterranean microclimate here which touches all your senses.

Wonderful cypress trees, rare citrus and agaves characterise the landscape. The highlight is the gardens, around the Villa Hruska where André Heller lives. He has skilfully combined alpine and tropical plants and created a global garden with wetland areas and landscapes made from tuff.

Inspiration. Magic. Timeless: the Heller Gardens

These charming gardens are not just André Heller’s peaceful place of retreat at Lake Garda, they have also been an inspiring source for his creative achievements.

Primeval ferns, purple Bougainvillea bushes, small, dreamy ponds, populated by sacred Koi carp, create a fairy-tale feeling of timelessness. Various aromatic nuances provide inspiration thanks to their pleasant intensity. The diversity too is inspiring. Filigree wooden paths and bridges proceed from this romantic fairy-tale land in a dense primeval forest. Bamboo and thick vines, which hang from the tropical ferns, pomegranate trees and wild orchids – here you encounter the flora of Africa and South America, Asia, Europe and Australia at the same time, in a unique and stylish manner.

Indian stone elephants, mysterious Buddha statues and even installations from renowned artists like Roy Lichtenstein, Mimmo Palladino and Keith Haring reveal that in this place André Heller has created more than a garden – he has created a paradise, magical and distinctive.

Opening hours for the André Heller Gardens: March to October daily from 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.