Romantic churches

Tranquillity. Magic. Mystery

The romantic churches around Lake Garda are masterpieces of rustic, Romanesque architecture with influences from the Painura Padana, relics from the Lombard era and peaceful witnesses of previous centuries.

The oldest churches in the world can be found on Italian soil – and around Lake Garda too there are sacred buildings which span two millennia. Discover the impressive Collegiata church from the 17th century, which characterises the townscape in Arco and the Santa Maggiore church from the 15th century, which is situated on a hill near Sirmione and has enchanting frescoes and a splendid marble altar.

In Verona there is the famous San Zeno Maggiore, the most important sacred building in the region. The majestic Santa Maria Matricolare cathedral and the Romansque gallery of the San Lorenzo basilica are both there too.

In Marciaga near Garda believers make the pilgrimage to the Madonna del Soccorso pilgrimage church. The Inviolata church is one of the biggest artistic treasures in Riva del Garda. All these cultural items and tranquil places to stop-off around our hotel at Lake Garda are there waiting to touch you with their mysticism.

Romantic churches at Lake Garda. Inspiring architectural masterpieces

Celebrate meditation and retreat in the romantic and enchanting churches in the region – surrounded by olive groves, with views to Lake Garda. Churches are places of magic and inspiration, culture and history, beliefs and religion. Silent bastions of peace.

Discover the hidden San Zeno church from the 9th century, hike to San Nicolò church and gaze in wonder at a historic replica of the Grotto of Lourdes.

San Severo church, a slightly asymmetric Romanesque building from the 11th century, contains a mysterious crypt from the 9th century and is one of the best maintained churches in the Verona area. On Sundays in the summer months an evangelical church service is held in German.

Churches adorned with frescoes and embellishments are some of the most unadulterated reminders of medieval times. Experience this unbelievable variety, unique location and the secret energy in these holy places – experience the romantic churches around Lake Garda.