Bardolino olive oil museum

The history of oil

Each year the di Cisano olive oil museum between Bardolino and Lazise attracts more than 50,000 visitors a year. Opened in 1987, the museum provides an exciting insight into the elaborate and extensive realm of oil production – then and now.

Here in Cisano – just a few kilometres from our hotel at Lake Garda – you get to gaze in amazement at the historic oil mills. The painstaking extraction of oil in past times is impressively explained and you realise how valuable this precious commodity is.

For the people in the region this precious oil is more than just an item for pleasure. Around Lake Garda olive oil was regarded as key foodstuff and was regarded as an export item millennia ago.

Souvenirs from the di Cisano Bardolino olive oil museum

In this unique museum which has ten themed rooms visitors are offered a very special kind of inspiration and pleasure:

from the oil lamp room, where ancient oil lamps, running partially on olive oil, are there for you to gaze in wonder at, via the impressive pressing room, you reach the olive oil shop, which provides you with a unique opportunity to sample and purchase superb olive oil directly from the Lake Garda region – or, you have it conveniently sent to your home.

A visit to the exhibition rooms is free of charge but there is a charge for guided tours for groups. You can find out more on homepage for the oil museum. Be carried away and immerse yourself in the realm of the star of Mediterranean cuisine – in Bardolino olive oil museum.