Arena di Verona

Arena di Verona – the colosseum at Lake Garda

Arena di Verona – a sizeable architectural masterpiece. Today this impressive building is one of the third biggest of the preserved ancient amphitheatres and, along with the Colosseum in Rome and the Arena in Capua, is one of the most important contemporary witnesses.

The monument, erected in 30 A.D., holds over 22,000 visitors and has evolved into a multifunctional venue for numerous world-class events. At the time it was built the arena held even more visitors - over 30,000 bystanders gathered and witnessed prodigious gladiatorial battles and exciting competitions.

Although the audience and also the types of events have changed over the course of the centuries, the splendour and the majestic outward appearance of the impressive Arena di Verona has remained to this day.

Enjoy opera at its most complete

Where hundreds of years ago gladiators still brandished their swords, today enchanting voices and epic orchestras can be heard. Visitors gaze in wonder time and again at the grace of the dancers.

Magical opera and operetta, like the world-famous Aida and Feder Verdi‘s masterpiece Nabucco, have been inspiring visitors from across the globe in front of this historic backdrop for years.

Be won over by these cultural highlights and experience unforgettable opera festivals in Arena di Verona, close to our hotel at Lake Garda.

Information, tickets and a programme of events can be found here - Arena di Verona.